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One individual can inspire a host
of individuals to become a
collective. Be conscious of the way
you sway.

Poetic RAyGE

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Category: Teacher

Teachers who inspire realize there
will always be rocks in the road
ahead of us. They will be
stumbling blocks or stepping
stones; it all depends on how we
use them.


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Category: Father

Love and fear. Everything the
father of a family says must
inspire one or the other.

Joseph Joubert

Category: Justice

Laws, like sausages, cease to
inspire respect in proportion as we
know how they are made.

John Godfrey Saxe

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Respect Love

"Don't expect more as it hurts you
much but if you have the sense of
tolerance expect more and more that
inspire you"

Mohamed Irshad

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Tolerance Equality

Category: Leadership

Leadership is based on a spiritual
quality; the power to inspire, the
power to inspire others to follow.

Vince Lombardi

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Category: Flowers

Being perfect artists and ingenuous
poets, the Chinese have piously
preserved the love and holy cult of
flowers; one of the very rare and
most ancient traditions which has
survived their decadence.  And
since flowers had to be
distinguished from each other, they
have attributed graceful analogies
to them, dreamy images, pure and
passionate names which perpetuate
and harmonize in our minds the
sensations of gentle charm and
violent intoxication with which
they inspire us. So it is that
certain peonies, their favorite
flower, are saluted by the Chinese,
according to their form or color,
by these delicious names, each an
entire poem and an entire novel: 
The Young Girl Who Offers Her
Breasts, or: The Water That Sleeps
Beneath the Moon, or: The Sunlight
in the Forest, or: The First Desire
of the Reclining Virgin, or: My
Gown Is No Longer All White Because
in Tearing It the Son of Heaven
Left a Little Rosy Stain; or, even
better, this one: I Possessed My
Lover in the Garden.

Octave Mirbeau

Category: Library

The library connects us with the
insight and knowledge, painfully
extracted from Nature, of the
greatest minds that ever were, with
the best teachers, drawn from the
entire planet and from all our
history, to instruct us without
tiring, and to inspire us to make
our own contribution to the
collective knowledge of the human
species.  I think the health of
our civilization, the depth of our
awareness about the underpinnings
of our culture and our concern for
the future can all be tested by how
well we support our libraries.

Carl Sagan

Category: Men

WOMEN preserve the culture of this
country with greater tenacity and
faith. They keep men on the moral
path and inspire them to follow
spiritual discipline. Their hearts
are tender and full of compassion
for the hungry and the distressed.
That is why in this land, women are
adored and revered.

Sathya Baba

Category: Love

All love is sweet Given or
returned. Common as light is love
And its familiar voice wearies not
ever. ...... They who inspire it
most are fortunate As I am now; but
those who feel it most Are happier

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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