How QuoteMee Works

Whether you’re itching to Say Something and get the global recognition you deserve or just want to spend some time browsing 1000s of thought provoking, laughter inducing, awe inspiring quotations, QuoteMee is everything you need and more.

Things you can do without signing up

Finding quotations

Just jump to the Home Page and you’re good to go! You can dive straight into the search box and just enter a name, the beginning of a quote, or whatever springs to mind. The most relevant quotes will leap before your eyes and you’ll be well on your way to discovering a whole new world of knowledge, all in bite size chunks.

Alternatively, the main category and author tabs remain consistent throughout the site, so you can just browse and see what takes your fancy whenever you want.

Publishing your own quotations

QuoteMee is all about saying something. We don’t want to put any obstacles in your way, so from the home page you can simply type what you want to say in the ‘Say Something’ box, think of a nickname and publish.

You can choose to Say Something to just the QuoteMee community, or broadcast it to our 20,000+ Twitter followers as well.

Sharing and popularity

You’ll find ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons all over this website. Anything you see, anything you say or anything that you find appealing, you can share with everyone in one click. When you tweet a quotation, it’s simply the tweet that gets sent along with a URL to the QuoteMee website.

You can share quotes, authors, categories - just about anything you want. If you’ve seen a new author you like, rate them and see their popularity grow.

Rate quotes and be rated

You can rate a quote any time you like. You don’t need to be logged in and of course, you can show your support for an author by sharing the quote among your friends.

But the real magic is in having your own quotes rated. Become prolific, get writing, people want to hear what you have to say and if you’re any good, they’ll rate you.

Things you can do as a registered user

Easy login

If you already have a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account, you’re ready to Sign-In and start building a profile. Otherwise it only takes a minute to Register from scratch.

Social networking and community building

Once you’re logged in you can start building a profile. You’ll find the settings are intuitive and the functionality familiar, with features such as: ‘invitation to join’, ‘friends’ requests and ‘in-messaging’.

You’ll get to see what your friends are saying and what quotes they find stimulating. By utilising the tools within your settings you’ll be able to build a community and gain popularity for your own quotes.

Promoting your quotations

As a registered user you can now begin your ascent into the world of the micro writer. You can be the person who, in just a few words, can influence and inspire millions.

Your profile acts as your hub for the quotes that you’ve written and you can promote yourself in various ways. Share via your growing pool of friends... they will then make it viral with links to their Twitter and Facebook profiles.

You can link to your own Facebook profile, Tweet your quotes and generally create a buzz.

Becoming an author

It’s so simple. All it takes to become an author is for you to author something. Just write something, or ideally many things and you’ll have to cite a source. You simply cite yourself and you’ll be added to the authors on the category page.

By doing this you add to the growing database of quotes and your work is there for everyone to see. If your quotes are any good, people will start to rate them...whoopee!

Publishing other people’s quotations and adding an author

Quotonians, the people who use this site, want to know where a quote came from. So, when you publish a quote, be it yours or someone else’s, you’ll see fields, which will help you to establish the quote’s origin.

Be sure to enter the name of the book, film, TV series or song in the ‘source’ field, or your own name if it came directly from you. Adding a source keeps the database working smoothly, enables people to find what they’re looking for and also tells our partners which relevant products to suggest.

Save your favourite quotes

Never ever forget who said what again! It’s simple, every time you see something you like just add it to your profile and it’ll be shared automatically with your friends.

Remember that the QuoteMee website renders beautifully on all mobile phones, so if you ever need to call-up a phrase for inspiration, just login while on the go.

Amazon & iTunes search related products

When you search for a quote our partners: iTunes and Amazon will often make a suggestion for you. It could be a book by the author you searched, a DVD from a film related quote, or even a kindle download.

These are merely suggestions and will not hinder your experience on the QuoteMee website in the slightest. We think you’ll find it’s quite useful, especially if you’re stuck for gift ideas. It’s a great way of finding something random without doing much thinking.

Start using it, start loving it.

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