Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Suggest Mee" button?

The "Suggest Mee" function allows you to link up your quote to the actual media it came from, that is if it came from a published form of media i.e. an album, film, book or television program.

This feature will suggest to you where it came from - all you need to do is either type the author name or the title of the song or book etc. All you then have to do is select the right one and it will display a picture and the written details of where the quote came from underneath the quote.

The best part is that if either you or your friends click on the picture or text, we will open a new tab for you where you can purchase the media quoted!

How do we talk with friends?

The whole idea of QuoteMee is for people to express & share the things they love in a new, fun way. So we ask that you post quotes for your updates which all of your friends will automatically see as it will appear on their "Updates" section of the profile. However, if you do need to speak with one of your friends, then you can always send them a private message, which you will be able on the tabs, which appear when you are on your profile. 

How do I purchase items?

After you or your friends have made a suggestion for a quote and the details of the quote appear underneath - all you have to do is click either the picture or the text and it will take you to where you can purchase the item in various different formats. Or you can browse the QuoteMee Media section and read quotes from the best sellers and then click on the pictures next to every quote.

If you are already an Amazon customer, you can purchase items within two clicks from our site to final purchase - it's that easy and simple! 

What if I don't know the author of a quote?

Not to worry! You can always come back to your quote, as it will always remain on your profile. Once you know the author then you can come back at any time and just enter it into the "Type Author" box. However, chances are we already have that quote, so why not go into our "Browse Categories" section and search the quote in the search box - see the results and from there you can either post the quote directly to your wall with the click of a button or type the author in yourself. 

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